The battery life is low. Your Huawei P10 lite keeps crashing or won’t charge.

In this guide, we show you how to replace your P10 lite’s defective battery on your own. This repair can help if your P10 lite crashes during heavy use because the voltage temporarily drops, you can no longer charge it or turn it on, or the battery life is very low.

Back up all your data before the repair, and touch something metal, like a radiator to get rid of any static charges.

Required tools

  • Tool for prying out batteries

    Tool for prying out batteries

    You have to use a very stable tool to pry out the battery. At the same time, it has to be flat enough to insert below the battery.

    from €10.99 on Amazon
  • Heat gun

    Heat gun

    You can use a heat gun to heat parts that are glued on so they’re easier to remove. In most cases, you can also use a hairdryer.

    from €15.99 on Amazon
  • For storing screws

    For storing screws

    We recommend storing your screws so you don’t mix up the various screws and small parts.

    from €10.99 on Amazon
  • Tweezers


    We recommend using tweezers to remove screws and various small parts from your device.

    on Amazon
  • Pick Set

    Pick Set

    You need a flat but stable tool such as a pick to pry out parts that are glued in place.

    from €14.99 on Amazon
  • Plastic prying tool

    Plastic prying tool

    You need a flat plastic prying tool to disconnect the various plugs and connectors.

    on Amazon
  • Phillips PH00 screwdriver

    Phillips PH00 screwdriver

    You need the right screwdriver for removing PH00 screws.

    from €10.84 on Amazon

Required replacement part

  • HUAWEI P9 / P9 lite / P10 lite / P20 lite Battery

    HUAWEI P9 / P9 lite / P10 lite / P20 lite Battery

    from €16.00 on Amazon
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Getting started with the repair of your P10 lite

If you get stuck or have questions, you can post a comment. We’d be happy to help.

8 steps
  1. Switch off device

    P10 lite - Switch off device 01
    P10 lite - Switch off device 02
    P10 lite - Switch off device 03

    Switch off the device.

    1. Press and hold the Power button, until you see a menu.
    2. Choose the Power Off option and tap again to confirm.
  2. Remove the back cover

    Be extra careful with this step, as splintered glass could injure you.

    The back cover is glued to the display chassis. So you need to heat the back cover and pull it off using a suction cup.

    1. Place the suction cup as low as possible on the back cover, over the text.
    2. Pull on the suction cup while pressing the frame against the table using a pick. As soon as a gap between the frame and the cover opens, you can carefully stick in your pick.
    3. Move the pick along the device edges to unglue the cover all around.
    The fingerprint sensor is attached to the back cover. It's connected to the mainboard with a flex cable. Be careful when liting off the cover, so you don't damage the cable and the PCB.
    1. Carefully lift up the back cover. Fold it up along the short edge of the device. You should be able to see the flex cable now.
    2. There's a small tape strip over the flex cable connector on the back cover. Pull it off and then use tweezers to pull the cable out of its socket. Keep the tape strip to attach the flex cable later.
    3. Once the back cover is disconnected, you can put it aside.

  3. Disconnec the battery

    P10 lite - Disconnec the battery 01
    P10 lite - Disconnec the battery 02
    P10 lite - Disconnec the battery 03
    • 1 × 2.7 mm Phillips
    1. Remove the screw on the battery connector's bracket. The bracket is latched in on the other side, so remove it carefully.
    2. Now you can unplug the battery.
  4. Remove the battery

    P10 lite - Remove the battery 01
    P10 lite - Remove the battery 02
    P10 lite - Remove the battery 03
    P10 lite - Remove the battery 04
    P10 lite - Remove the battery 05

    You can remove the mainboard to get to the battery more easily. You can see the steps in the display replacement guide.

    Careful: The battery bends very easily. Heat the display several times until the glue is very soft and the battery comes out easily. You can also try pulling off the battery with a suction cup, if the glue isn't too strong. Or you can order a new battery with your display and discard the old one.

    1. The battery glue is very strong. To get it off, you need to heat the device from the display side using a heat gun. Don't heat the battery directly.
    2. Then slide the broad end of the battery spudger under the battery on the long, upper edge. Here the glue strip is a little thinner than on the other sides.
    3. When the battery comes off on one side, you can pry all around with the spudger and unglue the other spots.
  5. The right tools for your repair

    With the right tools, you will succeed in any repair. In our store you will find a large selection of professional quality tools.
  6. Insert battery

    P10 lite - Insert battery 01
    P10 lite - Insert battery 02
    P10 lite - Insert battery 03
    P10 lite - Insert battery 04
    P10 lite - Insert battery 05

    If you're replacing the battery, you can cut out double-sided tape or pull off and reuse the tape strips from the old display.

    If you're using a new display, it will come with stickers for the battery. If necessary, pull off the protective films now.

    1. Put the battery in the device. Make sure it's facing the right way and then press it on all around.

    Make sure the connector is over its socket, so you can plug it on easily.

  7. Connect battery

    P10 lite - Connect battery 01
    P10 lite - Connect battery 02
    P10 lite - Connect battery 03
    • Connector
    • 1 × 2.7 mm Phillips
    1. Put the battery connector on its socket and carefully plug it to the mainboard.
    2. Latch in the bracket's lower end and fasten the other end with the Phillips screw.
  8. Attach back cover

    P10 lite - Attach back cover 01
    P10 lite - Attach back cover 02
    P10 lite - Attach back cover 03
    P10 lite - Attach back cover 04
    P10 lite - Attach back cover 05
    P10 lite - Attach back cover 06
    1. Slide the fingerprint cable's plug into it's slot on the back cover. There are two small tabs on the left and right of the plug; slide in the plug until it stops.
    2. Attach the plug using the old tape patch or cut out a 2x2 mm square of tape.
    3. Attach the back cover the right way around. Heat it again to make the glue softer and then press it on for a longer while so the glue can cool and bond.

    The flex cable is very sensitive. Make sure you don't twist it. The best way to attach it is as you see in the images.

  9. Test device

    P10 lite - Test device 01
    P10 lite - Test device 02
    P10 lite - Test device 03
    P10 lite - Test device 04
    P10 lite - Test device 05

    Now switch on your device and test all important functions:

    • Touch/brightness: test the highest and lowest brightness of your display. Drag any app across the screen in a zig-zag pattern. If the app follows your finger, the screen is ok.
    • Charging function (connect USB)
    • Front/back camera
    • Vibration motor
    • Volume/standby buttons
    • Earpiece / speaker / microphone
    • Flash
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