The battery life is low. Your Galaxy S9 keeps crashing or won’t charge.

Replace the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S9 independently. These detailed instructions show you step by step how to master the repair and what you have to pay attention to. In addition to detailed macro shots, we have created short videos for each step. Click on the small play button in the top right corner of the picture to play a video.

When does it make sense to change the battery? If your Galaxy S9 crashes under heavy load, cannot be switched on or charged anymore or the battery life is very short, a battery change is the solution. You can buy a replacement battery, original from the manufacturer, directly from our shop. Even if you are still missing the necessary tools for the repair, you will find them with us. In order to check this in advance and to be well prepared, you will find an overview of all required spare parts and tools in this manual.

Carry out the repair in a quiet and well lit place. Changing the battery takes about 60 minutes, because the backcover is heavily glued. Plan enough buffers so that you don't run out of time while working. With these little tricks in mind everything should go well and you can soon enjoy your Galaxy S9 to the fullest again.

Required tools

  • Flat Picks

    Flat Picks

    You need a very flat tool such as a flat pick to pry out parts that are glued in place.

    €3.00 at the iDoc store
  • Heat gun

    Heat gun

    You can use a heat gun to heat parts that are glued on so they’re easier to remove. In most cases, you can also use a hairdryer.

    from €14.47 on Amazon
  • For storing screws

    For storing screws

    We recommend storing your screws so you don’t mix up the various screws and small parts.

    €10.00 at the iDoc store
  • iFlex Opening Tool

    iFlex Opening Tool

    Opening your smartphone can be a very delicate operation, especially if the glue is very persistent. The blade of the flexible but sturdy iFlex measures just 0.15 mm, so it fits in even the smallest gaps, such as between the screen and the frame. The practical iFlex is made of stainless steel and sits comfortably in the hand. This makes it the perfect assistant for every smartphone repair.

    €10.00 at the iDoc store
  • iPlastix Opening Tool

    iPlastix Opening Tool

    Do you want to open your smartphone or lever out large parts like the battery? Then the iPlastix with its large blade will help you. The practical assistant is made of flexible, especially sturdy plastic and lies comfortably in the hand. Thanks to its design, you can even get into smaller gaps, for example to lift the screen or to prevent it from sticking together again.

    €10.00 at the iDoc store
  • Tweezers


    We recommend using tweezers to remove screws and various small parts from your device.

    €11.00 at the iDoc store
  • Plastic prying tool

    Plastic prying tool

    You need a flat plastic prying tool to disconnect the various plugs and connectors.

    €2.00 at the iDoc store
  • Phillips PH00 screwdriver

    Phillips PH00 screwdriver

    You need the right screwdriver for removing PH00 screws.

    €11.00 at the iDoc store

Required replacement part

Show all replacement parts for the Galaxy S9 

Passendes Werkzeug

Mit unserem Werkzeug gelingt dir die Reparatur.

for €45.00

Getting started with the repair of your Galaxy S9

If you get stuck or have questions, you can post a comment. We’d be happy to help.

14 steps
  1. Switching off your device

    Galaxy S9 - Switching off your device 01
    Galaxy S9 - Switching off your device 02
    Galaxy S9 - Switching off your device 03
    Galaxy S9 - Switching off your device 04
    1. Turn off your device by holding down the power button until the “Power off” option appears.
    2. Use your finger to confirm that you want to shut down your device and wait until the screen goes blank.

    Klick the small Play button in the top right of an image to play a video for each step.

  2. Remove back cover

    To loosen the back cover, use a heat gun or an ordinary hair dryer. Warm glue is easier to loosen, allowing you to remove the back cover. The easiest way to loosen the back cover is to use a flat and flexible tool such as the iPlastix or iFlex.

    You will also need several picks to unstick the back cover all around.

    1. Heat the spot where you start and place a suction cup on the bottom of the back cover.
    2. Press a flat tool between the back cover and the frame and pull on the suction cup.

    The iPlastix is made of plastic, so it won't scratch the device. On the other hand, it's very soft and tricky to insert.

    Be extra careful, the back cover can break very easily. If necessary, apply the heat several times and try again. Removing the back cover might take half an hour. Take a little more time and work carefully to make sure you don't break anything.

    1. Once the tool is inserted, stick a pick into the gap to keep it open. Then run the tool around the entire edge to gradually loosen the glue.
    2. Then heat the next part and insert the picks one by one.

    The back cover glue is extra strong on the lower edge.

    Once the back glass is loosened everywhere, you should only lift it slightly, because the fingerprint sensor, which is located under the camera, still connects the back glass and the circuit board with a very short cable. You will loosen this in the next step.

  3. Disconnect fingerprint sensor

    Galaxy S9 - Disconnect fingerprint sensor 01
    Galaxy S9 - Disconnect fingerprint sensor 02
    Galaxy S9 - Disconnect fingerprint sensor 03
    Galaxy S9 - Disconnect fingerprint sensor 04
    Used tools
    1. After detaching the back cover, carefully lift it and disconnect the fingerprint sensor using the spudger.
    2. Then you can completely remove the back cover and set it aside.
    Used tools
  4. Remove midframe

    • 10 × 4.0 mm Phillips

    Then remove all the equally long Phillips screws from the logic board cover and store them together.

    This phone has only two different screw lengths. If some screws don't come off immediately, you can also use a pair of tweezers.

    1. The logic board cover with the NFC tag is latched in at the top.
    2. Pry it up a little and then take it out.
  5. Disconnect battery

    Galaxy S9 - Disconnect battery 01
    Galaxy S9 - Disconnect battery 02
    Galaxy S9 - Disconnect battery 03
    • Battery connector
    1. Now the battery connector is free.
    2. To avoid short circuits during the repair, disconnect the battery.
  6. Remove the speaker unit

    Galaxy S9 - Remove the speaker unit 01
    Galaxy S9 - Remove the speaker unit 02
    Galaxy S9 - Remove the speaker unit 03
    Galaxy S9 - Remove the speaker unit 04
    • 5 × 4.0 mm Phillips

    Now remove the speaker. These screws are also equally long.

    1. Lift the speaker a little using tweezers and then remove it.
  7. Remove battery

    Galaxy S9 - Remove battery 01
    Galaxy S9 - Remove battery 02
    Galaxy S9 - Remove battery 03
    Galaxy S9 - Remove battery 04
    Galaxy S9 - Remove battery 05
    Galaxy S9 - Remove battery 06

    Be very careful during this step. For this step, use a flat, blunt tool like the iSesamo to avoid damaging the battery.

    1. The battery’s really glued to the enclosure, so be very careful when you’re removing it. Carefully detach the battery from the enclosure. First insert your tool on the side between the battery and the enclosure. Slowly and carefully pry out the battery.
    2. Repeat this process on the other sides of the battery. Make sure you don’t damage the motherboard or other components.
    3. Once you’ve detached the glue, you can remove the battery from the enclosure.
  8. The right tools for your repair

    With the right tools, you will succeed in any repair. In our store you will find a large selection of professional quality tools.
  9. Prepare the battery

    Galaxy S9 - Prepare the battery 01
    Galaxy S9 - Prepare the battery 02
    1. Remove the protective film from the battery adhesive strip.
  10. Insert battery

    Galaxy S9 - Insert battery 01
    Galaxy S9 - Insert battery 02
    Galaxy S9 - Insert battery 03
    1. Put the battery in the enclosure. It fits perfectly into the compartment in the middle of the enclosure.
    2. Press the battery firmly into the enclosure so the glue will stick better.
  11. Install speaker unit

    Galaxy S9 - Install speaker unit 01
    Galaxy S9 - Install speaker unit 02
    Galaxy S9 - Install speaker unit 03
    Galaxy S9 - Install speaker unit 04
    • 5 × 4.0 mm Phillips
    1. Then place the speaker back over the USB board, press it in and screw it tight.
    2. Make sure it's latched in at the bottom.
  12. Connect battery

    Galaxy S9 - Connect battery 01
    Galaxy S9 - Connect battery 02
    • Battery connector
    1. Connect the battery connector.
  13. Insert midframe

    Galaxy S9 - Insert midframe 01
    Galaxy S9 - Insert midframe 02
    Galaxy S9 - Insert midframe 03
    Galaxy S9 - Insert midframe 04
    • 10 × 4.0 mm Phillips
    1. Then attach the midframe with the NFC tag.
    2. Latch it in and press it in all around.
    3. Then fasten all the screws again.
  14. Connect fingerprint sensor

    Galaxy S9 - Connect fingerprint sensor 01
    Galaxy S9 - Connect fingerprint sensor 02
    Galaxy S9 - Connect fingerprint sensor 03
    Galaxy S9 - Connect fingerprint sensor 04
    Galaxy S9 - Connect fingerprint sensor 05
    • Fingerprint connector
    1. Before you put the back cover back on the case, reconnect the fingerprint sensor.
    2. Position the back cover over the device and lift it slightly so that you have access to the connector. Keep the back glass as still and close to the device as possible.
    3. You can use a plastic tool, such as a spudger, to reach the connector and push it down. Alternatively, you can use a longer tool like ESD tweezers or the ESD spudger. Be patient and try to keep your hands as still as possible.

  15. Attach back cover

    Galaxy S9 - Attach back cover 01
    Galaxy S9 - Attach back cover 02
    Galaxy S9 - Attach back cover 03
    1. Before reattaching the back cover, check the glue. It should be sitting evenly on the back cover. You can remove any excess glue.
    2. Then press on the back cover.
    3. Heat the back cover again to bond the glue.
    4. You can press on the back cover with your fingers while the glue cools down.

    Please note that your smartphone's water ingress protection is no longer the same after you open it.

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iDoc schenkt dir den ultimativen Reparatur-Guide GUIDE GRATIS ANFORDERN