The TrueDepth camera of your iPhone X is broken? Not it only takes blurry pictures?

Even if your phone no longer dims during a call, or the microphone no longer works during video recording or FaceTime, you've come to the right place.

Since the TrueDepth camera shares a cable set with the proximity sensor and microphone, it is necessary to replace the entire cable set to resolve the mentionned issues. This repair guide will show you step by step how to proceed best. When replacing the cable set, FaceID and TrueTone will be deactivated.

We at iDoc wish you every success with your repair and hope that our instructions will be helpful. Pleas eleave us a comment!

Required tools

  • Heat gun

    Heat gun

    You can use a heat gun to heat parts that are glued on so they’re easier to remove. In most cases, you can also use a hairdryer.

    from €14.47 on Amazon
  • For storing screws

    For storing screws

    We recommend storing your screws so you don’t mix up the various screws and small parts.

    €11.00 at the iDoc store
  • iFlex opening tool

    iFlex opening tool

    Opening your smartphone can be a very delicate operation, especially if the glue is very persistent. The blade of the flexible but sturdy iFlex measures just 0.15 mm, so it fits in even the smallest gaps, such as between the screen and the frame. The practical iFlex is made of stainless steel and sits comfortably in the hand. This makes it the perfect assistant for every smartphone repair.

    €10.00 at the iDoc store
  • Tweezers


    We recommend using tweezers to remove screws and various small parts from your device.

    €12.00 at the iDoc store
  • Pick Set

    Pick Set

    You need a flat but stable tool such as a pick to pry out parts that are glued in place.

    €2.00 at the iDoc store
  • Plastic prying tool

    Plastic prying tool

    You need a flat plastic prying tool to disconnect the various plugs and connectors.

    €2.00 at the iDoc store
  • Pentalobe PL1 screwdriver

    Pentalobe PL1 screwdriver

    You need the right screwdriver for removing pentalobe PL1 screws.

    €14.00 at the iDoc store
  • Phillips PH00 screwdriver

    Phillips PH00 screwdriver

    You need the right screwdriver for removing PH00 screws.

    €14.00 at the iDoc store
  • Y-type Y000 screwdriver

    Y-type Y000 screwdriver

    You need the right screwdriver for removing Y-type screws.

    €14.00 at the iDoc store

Required replacement part

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Passendes Werkzeug

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Getting started with the repair of your iPhone X

If you get stuck or have questions, you can post a comment. We’d be happy to help.

14 steps
  1. Switching off your iPhone X

    iPhone X - Switching off your iPhone X 01
    iPhone X - Switching off your iPhone X 02
    iPhone X - Switching off your iPhone X 03
    1. Turn off your iPhone X before making repairs to protect it from potential damage. To do so, press the standby button and one of the two volume buttons simultaneously for about three seconds.
    2. When the "Power Off" slider appears on the display, wipe it from left to right. Your iPhone will shut down completely within about 10 seconds.
  2. Removing the rear case screws

    • 2 × 6,8 mm Pentalobe

    You need a pentalobe screwdriver (PL1) to open your iPhone X.

    1. Remove the two pentalobe screws located to the right and left of the Lightning connector and put them in a screw storage box.

    To ensure that you do not lose any of the removed components and screws, we recommend that you use a screw storage box. For this purpose, you can for example convert an old sewing box. We use a high-quality magnetic pad for our repairs, on which the removed components can also be arranged in the same way as they were installed in the telephone. This way you know exactly where each screw was located, which makes it much easier for you to assemble later.

  3. Heating up the display

    iPhone X - Heating up the display 01
    iPhone X - Heating up the display 02
    Used tools
    Heat gun

    iPhone X is opened via the display. Since it is strongly glued to the rest of the case, you have to heat the glue first to be able to remove the display.

    1. Place your iPhone X on a soft and clean surface to avoid scratching the back of your iPhone X when lifting the display.
    2. Now use a hot air tool, such as a hot air dryer or a regular hairdryer, to run evenly over the glued edge of the display.

    The rule of thumb is to heat your device only enough to be comfortable to touch without being uncomfortably hot.

    Used tools
  4. Detaching the display

    Once the iPhone X has been opened, no warranty can be given for waterproofness. Also the warranty for protection against dust and splashing water of the IP67 classification expires.

    1. Place the suction cup on the bottom edge of your device and pull it upwards to create a narrow gap between the stainless steel and display frame.
    2. Insert a sturdy, flat tool into the narrow gap to enlarge it. At the same time, press the display slightly upwards with the tool, using flat plastic picks.

    Be careful not to go further than 5 mm into the gap with your tool to avoid damaging any components inside the Iphone X.

    1. Move the tool one step at a time around the frame of your iPhone to remove the stuck display completely. Use the plectrum to keep pushing upwards so that the noses come off the stainless steel frame.
    Used tools
  5. Opening the display

    iPhone X - Opening the display 01
    iPhone X - Opening the display 02
    iPhone X - Opening the display 03
    iPhone X - Opening the display 04
    Used tools

    To avoid overstretching the sensitive flex cables connected to the display, you should not completely fold the display over while it is still connected.

    1. Remove the display from the aluminium frame by gently pushing it upwards with a hard plastic plectrum.
    2. When the display is completely detached, you can slowly fold it up to the side of the standby button.
    3. Lean it against a stable object so that it remains in a vertical position.

    Used tools
  6. Disconnecting the battery

    • 1 × 3,0 mm Y-Type
    • 3 × 1,0 mm Y-Type
    • 1 × 3,6 mm Y-Type
    • Connector

    When starting the repair, always disconnect the battery connector to avoid a potential short circuit.

    Note that the screws installed in iPhone X vary in length.

    1. Unscrew the Y-type screws with a Y-type screwdriver and remove the cover plate.
    2. Now carefully disconnect the battery connector by sliding it under with a flat plastic tool. We use a plastic spudger for this.
  7. Disconnecting the display connectors

    iPhone X - Disconnecting the display connectors 01
    iPhone X - Disconnecting the display connectors 02
    iPhone X - Disconnecting the display connectors 03
    Used tools
    • Display Connector
    • Earpiece Connector

    The display is attached to the rest of the iPhone X via three connectors.

    To avoid damaging something on the logicboard while disconnecting the connectors, you should always use your tools from the side where there are no components.

    1. Use a spudger to carefully remove the connectors from the Logicboard one by one. Please be aware, that the ear piece flex cable on the top of the display is slightly glued.
    2. When all connectors are disconnected, you can remove the display completely.
    Used tools
  8. The right tools for your repair

    With the right tools, you will succeed in any repair. In our store you will find a large selection of professional quality tools.
  9. Removing the TrueDepth camera

    The TrueDepth camera forms one unit with the infrared sensor and the Face ID. It is hooked into the rear case on both sides. The integrated flex cable is glued to the bottom of the back cover.

    1. Use tweezers to carefully unhook the TrueDepth camera and Face ID unit.
    2. Heat the glued flex cable and loosen it bit by bit with a steel spatula until you can remove the entire unit from your iPhone.

  10. Installing the TrueDepth camera

    1. Place your new camera unit in its original position in the iPhone X.
    2. Hook up the the unit on both sides, so that the module fits tightly.
    3. Gently press the flex cables at the bottom of the back cover.

    Used tools
  11. Attaching a new adhesive frame

    iPhone X - Attaching a new adhesive frame 01
    iPhone X - Attaching a new adhesive frame 02
    iPhone X - Attaching a new adhesive frame 03
    iPhone X - Attaching a new adhesive frame 04
    iPhone X - Attaching a new adhesive frame 05
    iPhone X - Attaching a new adhesive frame 06
    iPhone X - Attaching a new adhesive frame 07
    Used tools
    Verwendete Ersatzteile

    After applying a new adhesive strip, the iPhone is again protected against dust and splash water, but it is not 100% waterproof.

    1. To ensure that the new adhesive frame fits properly everywhere, you must first remove all remaining adhesive residue on stainless steel and display frames.
    2. Align the adhesive frame correctly and then pull off the protective film from the underside of the adhesive frame.

    The corners of the adhesive frame are different and will help you align it correctly with your device's frame.

    1. Place the adhesive frame only on one edge of the frame at first and press it down firmly as you go.

    You can use the plastic spudger to press it down so that the frame is as smooth as possible.

    1. Then pull off the middle part of the protective film.
    2. Finally, remove the remaining protective film from the edge of the housing so that only a transparent adhesive film remains.

    You can leave the remaining protective film on the edge of the housing until you have connected the display and attached the cover plates. This prevents anything from sticking to the adhesive frame beforehand.

    Used tools
    Verwendete Ersatzteile
  12. Connecting the display

    • Display Connector
    • Earpiece Connector
    1. To prevent the sensitive flex cables from being overstretched when connecting the display, place the display on the side of the frame of your iPhone X and lean it against a stable object.
    2. Connect the three display connectors by gently pressing them until you feel them click into place.

    You may need to press the lower connector with the spudger to make sure it is properly seated.

    Used tools
  13. Connecting the battery

    • Connector
    • 1 × 3,0 mm Y-Type
    • 3 × 1,0 mm Y-Type
    • 1 × 3,6 mm Y-Type
    1. Reattach the battery connector.
    2. Then put on the bracket plate and fix it with the Y-Type screws.
  14. Installing the display

    iPhone X - Installing the display 01
    iPhone X - Installing the display 02
    iPhone X - Installing the display 03
    1. Take the display in both hands and carefully fold it over.
    2. Press it down along the frame one by one.

    Test the display and other functions of your iPhone before gluing it in place.

  15. Fastening the back cover screws

    • 2 × 6.8 mm Pentalobe
    1. Screw the two pentalobe screws to the left and right of the Lightning connector tight.
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Profi-Insights & Tipps für deine erfolgreiche Handy-Reparatur

iDoc schenkt dir den ultimativen Reparatur-Guide GUIDE GRATIS ANFORDERN