Huawei P9 - Replacing the back cover

The back of the enclosure is scratched or bent.

  • P9
  • 7 Steps
  • Easy
  • 15 min.
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In this guide, we show you how to replace your P9’s defective back cover. This repair can help if your back cover is scratched or bent, or you want a new color.

Required tools

  • Hard Plastic Picks

    Hard Plastic Picks

    You need a flat but stable tool such as a pick to pry out parts that are glued in place.

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  • Suction cup

    Suction cup

    A suction cup is perfect for lifting smooth surfaces such as displays or rear glass panels.

    €2.00 at the iDoc store

Required replacement part

Show all replacement parts for the P9 

Replacement parts and tools for this repair

Our tools plus the right spare part help you fix your device easily.

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Getting started with the repair of your P9

If you get stuck or have questions, you can post a comment. We’d be happy to help.

7 steps
  1. Switching off your device

    P9 - Switching off your device 01
    P9 - Switching off your device 02
    1. Switch off your device. Press and hold the power button until a menu appears. Select “Power off” and tap again to confirm.
  2. Removing the SIM card tray

    P9 - Removing the SIM card tray 01
    P9 - Removing the SIM card tray 02
    P9 - Removing the SIM card tray 03
    1. Insert your SIM tool into the little opening on the tray to unlock the tray.
    2. Remove the SIM tray and, if applicable, the SIM and microSD cards.
  3. Removing the enclosure screws

    P9 - Removing the enclosure screws 01
    • 2 × 2,8 mm P1 Pentalob-Schrauben
    1. Unscrew and remove the two screws at the bottom of the device that keep the enclosure closed.
  4. The right tools for your repair

    With the right tools, you will succeed in any repair. In our store you will find a large selection of professional quality tools.
  5. Lifting the display

    P9 - Lifting the display 01
    P9 - Lifting the display 02
    P9 - Lifting the display 03
    P9 - Lifting the display 04
    P9 - Lifting the display 05
    1. Put the suction cup as far down on the display as possible, for example where it says “Huawei.” If the glass is too cracked for the suction cup to generate a vacuum, you can cover the display with tape.
    2. Pull on the suction cup while using the pick to push the back cover against the table. As soon as a gap appears between the display and the enclosure, you can carefully insert the pick.
    3. Also move the pick along the edges to disconnect the display on the sides. Continue to pull carefully on the suction cup.
    4. The fingerprint sensor is installed in the back cover. A flexible flat cable connects this sensor to the motherboard. Be careful when you take off the display to avoid damaging the cable or board.

    5. Carefully lift the display. Slowly open the device at the short upper edge like a book. Now you should be able to see the connection cable.
    6. Disconnect the cable from the motherboard by carefully inserting the spudger below the contact and disconnecting it.
  6. Installing the display

    P9 - Installing the display 01
    P9 - Installing the display 02
    P9 - Installing the display 03
    P9 - Installing the display 04
    1. Put the back cover at the short upper edge of the display and carefully connect the fingerprint sensor’s contact. You have to hear the contact click into place.
    2. Close the device by folding down the back cover and pressing on the display.
  7. Fastening the enclosure screws

    P9 - Fastening the enclosure screws 01
    • 2 × 2,8 mm P1 Pentalob-Schrauben
    1. Use the two screws at the lower edge of the enclosure to close the device.
  8. Installing the SIM card tray

    P9 - Installing the SIM card tray 01
    P9 - Installing the SIM card tray 02
    1. Put the SIM tray and any cards back in your device. Make sure the tray is positioned properly.
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