Replace the battery of your Huawei P10

Is your battery getting weak? It's not hard to repair your Huawei P10! Each step has detailed photos to guide you through this screen replacement.

To reach the battery, you have to open the Huawei P10.

The Huawei P10 battery is not so hard to fix, since the back cover isn't glued on.

Run a data backup before the repair, use a clean work surface and take enough time.

Also check your spare part before installation. If you find any visible errors, please contact your vendor before starting!

If you have questions, use the live chat on our website or write a comment.

Required tools

  • Flat Picks

    Flat Picks

    You need a very flat tool such as a flat pick to pry out parts that are glued in place.

    from €11.95 on Amazon
  • iPlastix Opening Tool

    iPlastix Opening Tool

    Do you want to open your smartphone or lever out large parts like the battery? Then the iPlastix with its large blade will help you. The practical assistant is made of flexible, especially sturdy plastic and lies comfortably in the hand. Thanks to its design, you can even get into smaller gaps, for example to lift the screen or to prevent it from sticking together again.

    on Amazon
  • For storing screws

    For storing screws

    We recommend storing your screws so you don’t mix up the various screws and small parts.

    from €10.99 on Amazon
  • Plastic prying tool

    Plastic prying tool

    You need a flat plastic prying tool to disconnect the various plugs and connectors.

    from €14.99 on Amazon
  • Steel Laboratory Spatula

    Steel Laboratory Spatula

    You need a flat and sturdy prying tool to disconnect glued parts.

    on Amazon
  • Pentalobe PL1 screwdriver

    Pentalobe PL1 screwdriver

    You need the right screwdriver for removing pentalobe PL1 screws.

    on Amazon
  • Phillips PH00 screwdriver

    Phillips PH00 screwdriver

    You need the right screwdriver for removing PH00 screws.

    from €10.84 on Amazon

Required replacement part

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Getting started with the repair of your P10

If you get stuck or have questions, you can post a comment. We’d be happy to help.

16 steps
  1. Switch off device

    P10 - Switch off device 01
    P10 - Switch off device 02
    P10 - Switch off device 03

    Turn off the device first to prevent short circuits.

    1. Press and hold the power button until the power off icon appears.
    2. Tap again to shut off the device.
  2. Remove SIM tray

    P10 - Remove SIM tray 01
    P10 - Remove SIM tray 02
    P10 - Remove SIM tray 03

    Remove the SIM holder.

    1. Slide a SIM tool into the small hole and pull out the holder.
  3. Unscrew the case

    P10 - Unscrew the case 01
    P10 - Unscrew the case 02
    • 2 × 3,0mm Pentalob
    1. Now remove the rear case screws to the right and left oft he USB port.

    Huawei is using Apple Pentalobe screws. You will need a Pentalobe PL1 screwdriver. You could strip the screw heads if you use another screwdriver.

  4. Remove rear case

    P10 - Remove rear case 01
    P10 - Remove rear case 02
    P10 - Remove rear case 03
    P10 - Remove rear case 04
    P10 - Remove rear case 05
    P10 - Remove rear case 06
    P10 - Remove rear case 07
    P10 - Remove rear case 08
    • Connector

    Remove the rear case now.

    The display is not glued, but snap fitted on the long edges. It has positioning tabs on the top edge.

    1. Attach a suction cup on the display above the Home button.
    2. Pull on the suction cup and use a pick to pry open a small gap between case and display.
    3. Gently twist the pick to pry off the display.
    4. Once the display is released all around,fold it open.

    Attention:The display is still connected with a thin flex cable for the standby and volume buttons.

    1. Disconnect this flex cable from the mainboard with a plastic tool.
  5. Disconnect the battery

    P10 - Disconnect the battery 01
    P10 - Disconnect the battery 02
    P10 - Disconnect the battery 03
    P10 - Disconnect the battery 04
    • 1 × 2,5 mm Phillips
    • Battery Connector

    Disconnect the battery to prevent short circuits during repair.

    1. Remove the bracket over the battery connector. The cover has a screw on one side and a tab on the other.
    2. Unplug the connector with a plastic tool.
  6. Disconnect the flex cable

    P10 - Disconnect the flex cable 01
    P10 - Disconnect the flex cable 02
    P10 - Disconnect the flex cable 03
    P10 - Disconnect the flex cable 04
    P10 - Disconnect the flex cable 05
    P10 - Disconnect the flex cable 06
    • 4 × 2,5 mm Phillips
    • Connector
    1. Remove the marked screws
    2. Then carefully lift off the cover. The cover is hooked in at several points.
  7. Remove the mainboard

    • 5 × 2,5 mm Phillips
    • Connector
    • Antenna Cable
    • Display Connector

    We now remove the mainboard.

    1. Disconnect the marked connector 1.
    2. One of the screws has a white moisture indicator on top, which you can keep for later.
    3. Now remove the Phillips screws.
    4. Then disconnect the large connector from the mainboard and take out the cable.
    5. Disconnect the upper end of the small antenna cable with a twist of the tweezers.

    Be careful not to damage the socket on the mainboard.

    1. Then remove the bracket and separate the underlying connector.
    2. Now you can carefully pry out the mainboard with a flat tool.
  8. Remove the battery

    P10 - Remove the battery 01
    P10 - Remove the battery 02
    P10 - Remove the battery 03
    P10 - Remove the battery 04
    P10 - Remove the battery 05
    P10 - Remove the battery 06

    Remove the battery.

    1. The battery is glued to the case with two adhesive strips. One of the adhesive strips can be pulled out. Unstick its pull tab and slowly pull to remove the strip. Pull out the strip very flatly,so it doesn't rip.
    2. Now you can slide in a flat tool like the iPlastix from the released side.
    3. You can find links to all the tools in the info box below.

    Be careful not to bend the battery or scratch the case.

    1. Gradually slide the tool under the battery; don't pry too hard.
    2. If the glue is too strong,you canuse hot air to release it.
    Never heat the battery directly. Turn the device over and heat the display side.

  9. The right tools for your repair

    With the right tools, you will succeed in any repair. In our store you will find a large selection of professional quality tools.
  10. Prepare the battery

    P10 - Prepare the battery 01
    P10 - Prepare the battery 02
    1. To attach the new battery to the device, you can use an extra adhesive strip for batteries. If you have to take out the battery again, you can easily remove it by pulling the adhesive tab.

    The adhesive tapes for iPhone 5s/5c/SE can be used to attach the Huawei P10 battery. If necessary, the end of the strips must be shortened slightly.

    1. You can also use a thin double-sided tape to glue the battery back into the device

    Make sure that the adhesive tape is not too thick so that the battery is pushed upwards and the device can no longer be closed properly.

    However, removing the battery again is a little more difficult as there is no adhesive tab to pull on.

  11. Insert the battey

    P10 - Insert the battey 01
    P10 - Insert the battey 02
    P10 - Insert the battey 03
    1. Put the battery in the device and press it in.

    Leave enough space on all sides and make sure the connector doesn't get squeezed in.

  12. Insert the mainboard

    • 6 × 2,5 mm Phillips
    • Connector
    • Antenna Cable
    • Display Connector
    1. Put the mainboard back in the device and press it in. Be careful not to get any cables stuck underneath.
    2. Check if the cameras are sitting properly.
    3. Then attach the large connector to the mainboard.
    4. Put on the bracket and make sure the tab engages.
    5. Position the antenna connector over its socket and press it in.
    6. Place the flex cable with the arrow over the battery. The arrow has to point upwards.
    7. Now fasten the mainboard with the Phillips screws.
    8. If possible, put the moisture indicator back on the bracket screw.
  13. Connect flex cable

    P10 - Connect flex cable 01
    P10 - Connect flex cable 02
    P10 - Connect flex cable 03
    P10 - Connect flex cable 04
    • Connector
    • 4 × 2,5 mm Phillips
    1. Now attach the connector of the wide flex cable to the USB board.
    2. Place the connector cover on the USB board and screw it on. Make sure that the metal tabs engage correctly at the top and bottom.

    Don't forget the screw for the USB board.

  14. Connect the battery

    P10 - Connect the battery 01
    P10 - Connect the battery 02
    P10 - Connect the battery 03
    P10 - Connect the battery 04
    P10 - Connect the battery 05
    • Battery Connector
    • 1 × 2,5 mm Phillips
    1. Connect the battery to the mainboard.
    2. Attach the bracket, engage the tab and screw in the other side.
  15. Attach the rear case

    P10 - Attach the rear case 01
    P10 - Attach the rear case 02
    P10 - Attach the rear case 03
    P10 - Attach the rear case 04
    P10 - Attach the rear case 05
    P10 - Attach the rear case 06
    • Fingerprint connector
    1. Put the rear case next to the display and connect the flex cable to the mainboard.
    2. Then fold the display into the rear case andslide in the tabs on the top edge.
    3. Now snap-fit the display into the case.
  16. Attach rear case screws

    P10 - Attach rear case screws 01
    • 2 × 3,0 mm Pentalob
    1. Fasten the two Pentalobe screws next to the USB port.

    Always use a Pentalobe PL1 screwdriver, because other profiles will strip the screw heads.

  17. Insert the SIM tray

    P10 - Insert the SIM tray 01
    P10 - Insert the SIM tray 02
    P10 - Insert the SIM tray 03
    1. Put your SIM or SD cards back in and insert the SIM tray.
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