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iPhone Toolkits

Professional quality for your repair: That's what our toolkits offer, specially customized for Apple devices! Only buy what you really need.
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iPhone Toolkit
iPhone Toolkit

Tool kit


Toolkits for repairing your iPhone

To open and repair your iPhone, you'll need a variety of tools. At the same time, there are a number of accessories that can help you get the job done. To shorten your search for the right tools, we've put together a toolkit specifically for Apple devices. It's designed to meet your specific needs. So you only get the tools you really need to work on your iPhone. This will make your repair more efficient and cost-effective.

What's in the toolkit?

The iPhone toolkit comes with all the tools you need to make a successful repair: Screwdrivers, opening and lever tools, and handy accessories. A total of eleven tools are included in the set. These come in a handy case.

  • Wiha PicoFinish Y-Type Screwdriver Y000
  • Wiha PicoFinish Pentalobe Screwdriver PL1
  • Wiha PicoFinish Phillips Screwdriver PH00
  • Phillips screwdriver with centering pin
  • Suction cup
  • Hard plastic pick
  • Steel Laboratory Spatula
  • Pry tool
  • Battery Spudger
  • iDoc tool case
  • iDoc magnetic pad
  • Piergiacomi Tweezers 2a SA ESD

The screwdrivers in the iPhone toolkit

Because Apple uses many different screws in its devices, you'll need up to four different screwdrivers for repairs. With the iPhone toolkit you can handle Y-Type screws, Pentalobe screws, standard Phillips screws, and special standoff screws. All screwdrivers are durable and long-lasting thanks to the hardened tip. Screw heads do not spin so fast. The handle has a smooth-running rotating cap at the end, which allows you to screw sensitively and quickly.

Tools for opening the iPhone and levering various small parts

With the strong duo of suction cup and hard plastic pick you can open your iPhone. You suck in the glass of the display with the suction cup to lift it up without leaving any residue. Then slide the pick between the display and back cover to lift the screen. Use the steel spatula and two spudgers to remove small parts from your opened iPhone. The spudger is made of plastic, so you can disconnect contacts from flex cables or the battery. You shouldn't use the steel spatula to loosen such connectors - the material could cause a short circuit. It' s used to loosen glued flex cables, such as the Lightning connector. Due to the thin design, the adhesive can be loosened very well.

Useful accessories in your iPhone toolkit

Practical accessories round off your repair experience: You can use the iDoc magnetic pad during the repair to keep track of all the screws. For example, the iPhone Xs comes with 57 screws of various lengths and screw heads. To know where to place which screw, the magnetic pad is really worth its weight in gold. Furthermore a pair of tweezers completes the set. It is often difficult to reach the small parts with your fingers. With tweezers you can act more precisely and remove and place the small parts and screws in a targeted manner. The toolkit is completed by the iDoc case. Thanks to the padded interior, rubber loops, integrated nets with and without zipper, your tool is safe and neatly stowed away.

A statement on the quality of the tool

We are convinced that quality tools can achieve better repair results. We therefore select our products on the basis of many years of experience. In the store you will find durable tools that will lead you to an optimal repair result. If you invest in quality tools, you will enjoy them longer, achieve better and more efficient repair results and protect your equipment. Get the most out of your repair!