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Complete toolkits for smartphone repairs

Thanks to our tool kits you don't have to worry about bad equipment anymore. We only take professional quality tools into our assortment. Convince yourself!
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iDoc toolkits for your success

Repairing your smartphone requires various tools - screwdrivers, opening tools and lifting tools are required to open your phone and carry out the necessary actions. You'll find the right equipment in our store. If you already have some items at home, you can order put the additional tools individually. Alternatively, we offer tool kits for different settings, so you'll be well equipped for your specific situation.

The quality of our tools

We know from experience that an investment in good tools is worthwhile. Thanks to its clever and ergonomic design, it is easy on both your nerves and your device. For example, all our screwdrivers have a hardened tip. This makes them more resistant, so that you don't strain screws on the device. So you will enjoy your tool for a long time, but also your device itself. The rotating cap at the end of the handle makes it easy to use. We are convinced that quality tools will give you better repair results. In our store you will therefore only find high-quality equipment which we have tested ourselves and which we use for repairs and our instruction videos.

Which toolkits does iDoc offer?

With the general iDoc's toolkit, you're best equipped to work on most smartphones. For other filigree work, you've got this set of a PH00 screwdriver, various opening and lever tools, and practical accessories. Do you have a specific case you need tools for? Then use the tool kits specifically put together for you. These are suitable for special features that some smartphones from Apple, Samsung and Co. have. Each set is therefore individually composed. For example, the so-called Y-type screws are only used for the iPhone. That's why you'll find the matching screwdriver only in the corresponding set, of course it's missing in the Samsung set. So with the specific toolkits, you make sure you only pay for what you really need. This makes your repair even more efficient.

What can you find in all toolkits?

Some of the tools are needed for every repair. These tools form the basis for the sets we put together. In each kit you will find a PH00 screwdriver. The corresponding Phillips screws are the most common ones used in smartphones. You will also always find some opening tools in the sets. These include the powerful duo of a hard plastic plectrum and a suction cup. You'll need the former to lift the display off your smartphone. You slide the plectrum between the display and the phone to raise the screen. The suction cup sucks in the screen glass and lifts it without leaving a trace. In some toolkits, you'll also find an iFlex or iPlastix. This opening tool is not needed for every repair. It's a little thinner, bigger, and more flexible than a traditional plectrum, and is especially useful for heavily glued displays or backcovers.

Useful accessories in all tool sets

All tool sets contain a magnetic mat on which a grid is printed. Nothing can slip due to the magnetization of the mat. So you can sort screws and other small parts individually. iPhone XS, for example, has 57 screws in different lengths and with different heads. Of course, this is an extreme case, but it illustrates the advantage of the magnetic mat. So you see, the magnetic mat is extremely helpful for keeping track of things and knowing where to put which screw when you assemble the smartphone. Our toolkits also always include a pair of tweezers. With this you can act much more precisely and easily install and remove small parts of your smartphone.

Also important: lever tools

With the steel spatula and a spudger, you're ready to take small parts out of your open smartphone. With the plastic spudger, you can easily disconnect contacts from flex cables or the display. The steel spatula is not suitable for loosening such connectors due to its material. You could cause a short circuit. But it will help you to loosen glued flex cables. This is the case, for example, with the Lightning connector in the iPhone. So it is important that you have different lever tools available in the set so that you can choose the right tool for your application.

Profi-Insights & Tipps für deine erfolgreiche Handy-Reparatur

iDoc schenkt dir den ultimativen Reparatur-Guide GUIDE GRATIS ANFORDERN

Profi-Insights & Tipps für deine erfolgreiche Handy-Reparatur

iDoc schenkt dir den ultimativen Reparatur-Guide GUIDE GRATIS ANFORDERN