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Screens and Repair Kits for your iPhone 6s

Our screens, repair kits and free manuals for the iPhone 6s will help you to replace a broken display. Order before 2pm and we will ship the same day!

iPhone 6s screen replacement - Why doing this on your own?

Even the best mobile phone does not live forever. Technical elements such as the touch, the battery or the camera can break down or noticeably lose performance - no matter if it's your fault or not. It is of course annoying if you can't see anything on the beautiful black or white retina display of your iPhone 6s due to a broken glass. There are other annoying things: your touch screen doesn't react properly to your touches or the LCD stays completely black. It doesn't help to bury your head in the sand with these problems - a display replacement is necessary.

You can take your phone to a repair shop to let them replace the damaged glass. However, you may have to give up your mobile phone completely for a few days. You can also decide to replace the broken display yourself. By repairing your iPhone 6s yourself instead of replacing it with a new phone, you are acting sustainably and saving money. You don't need any special know-how to do this - our free step-by-step instructions will guide you to the new, working touch screen.

With our Retina HD Display the repair is successful

At our store, you'll only get Apple replacement displays of the best quality. So you get a Retina HD display of the same level and don't have to worry about functionality or feel. The glass feels high-quality and responds to your touch just like the original screen. You can adjust the brightness of the LCD even after replacement and adjust it to your personal preference.

In the shop you will find the new LCD screen in black or white - single or as a repair kit. This kit is advisable above all if you lack equipment for the screen replacement. In addition to the spare part you will find the right tools for a comfortable and quick repair of your mobile phone. So you are well prepared and don't have to worry about what you need to replace your defective LCD screen.

The iPhone 6s guide for the screen replacement shows how to do it

You will find the free instruction of how to change the screen of your iPhone 6s as photo tutorial on our website and as video on our YouTube channel iDoc Europe. So you can decide on your own with which medium you get along better. Luckily, changing the iPhone 6s display is no magic. We have rated the repair as an easy one, you should take about 30 minutes for it. But don't plan too tight, especially if this is your first repair. The replacement screen comes with a frame. Some components - the earpiece, the face-time camera, the metal back plate, and the home button - must be taken from your original display. The home button must be adopted so that you can still enjoy the fingerprint sensor with the new display. This is because after changing this component, the Touch ID must be reprogrammed. This is Apple's precaution to ensure the security of your personal data. How to transfer the small parts from the defective display unit to the new one is described in detail in the instructions.

What if more than just the front glass is defective?

If you have opened your mobile phone once due to a glass damage, it is advisable to repair other defects straight away. In addition to a high-quality LCD screen for your iPhone 6s, you will find many other a href="" target="_blank">parts of best quality, such as a new battery including battery adhesive strips, a camera lens cover, or a set of Pentalobe screws in pink gold, silver or gold in our shop. Thanks to a total of 13 free repair instructions, you can solve the defects of battery, camera and co. yourself. If you get stuck, our experts will help you quickly and competently via the comment function.

What's in the screen of your iPhone 6s?

The new display unit for your iPhone 6s has the same technical features as the original that you've already known and loved. The 4.7-inch LCD comes with high-resolution 326 ppi. 1334 x 750 pixels spread across the Retina display. The popular 3D Touch still works as you are used to with the replaced display. So even after the screen replacement is done, you can still access various functions by varying the pressure on apps, widgets and more. Did you know, that LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display? The image-generating technology works with liquid crystals - electrical impulses change the orientation of the crystals and allow more or less light to pass through. This creates colors and black & white such as images.

Our promise to you and your iPhone

We want your iPhone 6s to be up and running as soon as possible so you don't have to bother about broken glass or non-reactive touchscreens on your phone. That's why we keep a high stock of our screens, batteries, cameras and many more. The majority of our assortment is available immediately - that means you don't have to wait and can order straight away. If you place your order before 2pm on weekdays and your goods are available, we will ship the package the same day. The shipping is done by our reliable partner DHL. So you will have the spare parts, tools and Co. at your home within one or two days and can start with the repair directly. We wish you much success!

Profi-Insights & Tipps für deine erfolgreiche Handy-Reparatur

iDoc schenkt dir den ultimativen Reparatur-Guide GUIDE GRATIS ANFORDERN

Profi-Insights & Tipps für deine erfolgreiche Handy-Reparatur

iDoc schenkt dir den ultimativen Reparatur-Guide GUIDE GRATIS ANFORDERN